Functional Sculpture. Born of Toronto.

The Garrison brings together the old and new, story and design, function and art. It is an extension of Toronto's storied past; made of material steeped in history – dirt, rust and the wear and tear of generations of travelers.

Following the demolition of the historic Garrison Road Bridge near Fort York in early 2015, over two tonnes of rebar steel were salvaged and repurposed to create this limited edition of 102 sculptural castings. Developed in collaboration with Toronto-based design firms Rebart + Stacklab, The Garrison can be used as seating or as a low table. These castings are derived using state-of-the-art, process-driven digital design and fabrication technology; optimized to be as light and as strong as possible. The Garrison is fabricated in either Cast Iron, or Cast Iron + Bronze, and is available for purchase now